EPCM - Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management Organization

Company Snapshot

Four groups of portfolio companies in mining and manufacturing operations

15 locations

300 benefits eligible employees



The current benefits system still required manual data entry for all benefit offerings into the carrier systems for all demographic and eligibility updates. Employee communications were all distributed via a manual and paper process separate from the benefits system and the system had no capabilities for self-service enrollment or process for qualified life events. HR had limited resources to support daily operations along with manual and paper processes.


This organization partnered with MyWorkplace to automate manual and paper processes, while deploying one centralized platform for all benefits information, enrollment, and administration service.


Deploying the MyWorkplace platform and solution for full benefits administration and open enrollment support, created automated EDI feeds to carriers and payroll reporting processes. Provided employees with a one stop for all benefits information, enrollment, and changes. Worked with HR to ease the burden of manual processes with system automation and functionality while empowering employees to become more self-serving with the proper tools.