National Fast food, Casual Dining, Hospitality Organization

Company Snapshot

Fast food, Casual Dining, Hospitality

4 divisions 1245 locations in 34 states

48,000 benefits-eligible employees corporate, full-time, part-time (large variable hour)



With a very large workforce dispersed across the United States among many locations , and different types of employees with a sizable variable hour workforce and its commitment to offering a robust benefit offering to each employee class to meet their needs. HR had limited resources to provide a high level of support to the large and very distinctly different employee classes with different benefit offerings and high level of complexity. As the benefits offerings are different and complex the current ERP / HRIS solution in place did not have the flexibility to support the overall program for the employees or for HR in an efficient all-inclusive platform.


This organization recognized the needs of employees and the complexity of delivering the overall benefits program that would provide employees and their families with the benefits and support they need. To address the various groups, the organization leverages the functionality within the MyWorkplace platform and partners with a benefits education and enrollment firm. The groups all partnered as one team with HR to understand the current processes, technology, and challenges with the current state to develop a future state roadmap and execution plan for the overall program.


The decision was made to carve out the benefits program and utilize the MyWorkplace platform for all benefits information, communication, enrollment and administration. In concert with the new system rollout the benefits education and enrollment firm provided both onsite and call center support for employees on benefits and system utilization for a turnkey responsible transition.

Automation of all processes from communication, enrollment, administration, through carrier and payroll files was designed and implemented as part of the overall initiatives. A special custom program was developed to support the variable hour workforce with eligibility classes that move back and forth.

Utilizing the MyWorkplace platform provided a new online self-service solution as the one place for employees to go for all benefits information and activities and was specific and designed to their employee class and offerings. The new solution provided HR with the ability to efficiently and effectively manage the overall program and also included the addition of new robust reporting features and automation.