National US manufacturer of recreational vehicles, cargo trailers, utility trailers, pontoon boats, and buses.

Company Snapshot

National RV Manufacturer

Locations 100+ locations

11,000 benefits-eligible employees



A large manufacturing workforce, high turnover environment, and limited resources and staff to support a high level of service with robust benefit offerings for employees. This organization partnered with MyWorkplace to assist in replacing their current benefits administration platform that was limited in functionality to support employee education, engagement, communication, and administration. In the current environment there were many discrepancies between benefit deductions and payroll creating nonvalue- added work for HR.


This organization recognized the current system deficiencies, discrepancies, and functionality gaps and partnered with MyWorkplace to remap processes, streamline, and to deploy a robust solution that would meet the needs and measurable objectives of the organization. In addition, the organization partnered with a benefits education, communication, and enrollment firm to support the new system rollout and responsible transition along with on going new hire benefits education and enrollment support. The MyWorkplace team worked directly with HR and the benefits education and enrollment firm to provide and over all solution and strategic plan for execution.


Deploying the MyWorkplace platform and solution for full benefits administration and open enrollment support, updated payroll deduction process to a working model and discrepancies dropped to record low. Engaging as one team with HR and benefits education enrollment firm to support employee benefits from end to end while reducing the cumbersome workload and nonvalue-added activities for HR allowing them to focus on strategic goals and objectives for the organization.