Government Municipality

Company Snapshot

The county's economy is heavily linked to agriculture and to petroleum extraction. There is also a strong aviation, space, and military presence

9,000 benefits-eligible employees

(Voluntary Benefits Solution)



The current systems in place were homegrown and out of date with current practices and processes. Especially as it related to voluntary benefit offerings with multiple products and carriers where they had over 4,000 policies and over 300 deduction errors per pay cycle. There was not any functionality or ability to efficiently track everything, and money was being applied incorrectly, along with claims issues and delays resulting from these issues.

The issues created very nonvalue-added resource time spent by HR with already limited resources trying to track issues down for resolution and provide high levels of employee service. This reached a point where the organization was heavily considering elimination of the voluntary benefit offerings and program because of some many issues.


This organization partnered with MyWorkplace to assess the current processes and develop a solution to address the challenges, identify discrepancies and cleanse data, automate manual processes, and broke out the deductions and policies. Deploying one common platform for all voluntary benefits reporting, tracking, information, enrollment, and administration service.


Utilizing the flexibility of the MyWorkplace platform and built in premium accounting system, this organization successfully reduced errors and issues from 300 plus to very few.

Deploying the MyWorkplace platform and solution for full voluntary benefits administration and open enrollment support, created automated EDI feeds to carriers and payroll reporting processes. Streamlined HR workload down significantly with enhanced functionality, reporting, automated processes.