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Benefits Administration

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Employer groups face many common challenges with their employee benefit packages. Aside from the always important issues of premium costs and plan designs, benefit departments are also faced with additional challenges, such as:

  • Eligibility maintenance, including dependent members
  • Effective carrier/vendor communication of eligibility
  • Billing reconciliation
  • Employee contributions and deductions maintenance
  • Open enrollment periods, life event changes, and employee class changes
  • Benefits communication to employees
  • Paperwork requirements
  • Historical benefits data maintenance
  • Beneficiary tracking
  • Dependent verification
  • Benefit plan changes and existing eligibility data migration
  • Renewal or mid-year changes for age-banding, salaries, reduction schedules, volume changes, reduction schedules, etc.
  • Automation and data exchange between various systems
  • Limited staff and resources

The MyWorkplace admin module is designed to assist HR and Benefits departments with these and other tasks required to effectively manage today’s diverse benefit packages. Having a sophisticated and capable system such as MyWorkplace, however, is only part of the solution. Managing the modern benefits package requires a knowledgeable and experienced benefits team. At MyWorkplace, we understand your challenges and are devoted to becoming the technology and Backoffice support member and extension of your benefits team.

Your team’s account manager and IT manager are dedicated to your success. They will manage system setup, renewal changes, and day-to-day tech duties to ensure your time on MyWorkplace runs smoothly and effectively. We are always just a phone call away.



Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the process of sharing data across computer systems and databases. In the benefits world, EDI is performed with insurance carriers, benefits vendors, payroll systems, and other benefit related systems. EDI is an important part of any benefits administration system and requires a very experienced and knowledgeable IT staff to implement and manage successfully.

At MyWorkplace, our IT staff has decades of experience with EDI implementation and management. We understand the importance of successful EDI as this is your firm’s and employees’ connection to your benefits providers, support vendors, payroll, etc. We have the experience to know what questions to ask when setting up data exchanges and to know where pitfalls may occur based on years of experience. Your account manager and IT manager team members will navigate and coordinate with your providers and vendors from start to finish on EDI implemenations and monitor ongoing EDI operations, adjusting for changes or challenges if they occur. Your account and IT managers will keep you in the loop on all EDI matters and resolutions.



The passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) had a wide ranging effect on not only our health care system but also on IRS regulatory and reporting requirements for employer groups across the nation. Failure to meet these regulatory and reporting requirements can carry significant fines and penalties. During the first reporting year, many of our clients relied upon their payroll systems to handle their ACA reporting. Unfortunately, many of these systems simply were not equipped to handle benefits eligiblity data. We heard all manner of horror stories from our clients about their 1094c/1095c reporting exeriences and received numerous requests to build a system enhancement in to handle their future tracking, processing and reporting.

We teamed with an ACA consulting firm to meet our clients’ requests and developed an integrated ACA module within our systems. Our ACA consulting team watches and advises on changes in IRS and other regulatory ACA requirements and is available to answer ACA related queries clients may pose. Our systems handle hours tracking, initial and standard measurements, employee offers, safe harbor methods, form 1095c and 1094c compellation, and is hooked into the IRS AIRS system for electronic annual filings. We offer procurement services for 1095c printing and mailing for clients that elect this option. Our system maintains all the historical data for measurements and filings so clients have it at their finger tips should a question arise or they encounter an audit.

In past years our ACA module was optional, but now is a standard part of our service package. Clients may still elect to use or not use this integrated feature. Clients that elect to use the ACA module will have to meet certain criteria to meet in order for the module to function properly.



With highly qualified and trained Health Advocates, MyWorkplace offers employees and their families a resource to manage the complexities of their benefits. By assisting with navigating the healthcare and benefits offerings provided to them, we help build more productive, happier, and healthier workforces.


  • A 24/7 toll-free Benefit Information Line which provides employees with advocacy and benefit support from highly credentialed Health Advocates backed by proprietary benefit warehouse software.
  • Answers to benefits questions, ID cards, coverage explanation, plan options, and verification of benefit information.
  • Education for employees and covered dependents on available benefits.
  • Guidance for employees through the process of accessing and utilizing their benefits.
  • Assistance for employees with navigating and understanding their health plan benefits including deductibles, co-pays, explanation of benefits (EOB), claims, pre-certification requirements and appeals or denials.
  • Access to skilled advocates and benefits specialists who will work directly with the carrier to identify and correct claims issues.
  • Assist members in avoiding unnecessary or incorrect healthcare costs
  • Information regarding prescription drug coverage and tier information.
  • Assistance for employees in locating in-network providers and investigating options for seeking out-of-network providers.
  • Information on out-of-pocket responsibilities, estimates for upcoming procedures or tests as per plan benefits, and coordination
  • Improved workforce focus and productivity – Employees no longer need to spend time during the workday contacting vendors and sorting out medical bill issues, increasing productivity for clients.
  • Minimized Administrative Burden - Members can regain time spent answering healthcare questions, allowing them to focus on their work productivity.
  • Health Advocates are accessible 24/7 to assist employees with concerns outside of the workday, eliminating the need for your staff to handle after-hours healthcare calls.
  • Increased Client Attachment – Employees maintain a positive work-life balance which improves workforce satisfaction, ultimately increasing attachment to their organization and the services offered.
  • Cost Avoidance – Employees utilizing the service avoid spending significant dollars on incorrect healthcare claims, and more effectively utilize voluntary products.
  • Greater Benefit ROI - Health Advocates educate employees on healthcare options, leading them to efficiently utilize the benefit, and ultimately increasing healthcare benefits ROI.

MyWorkplace is so much more than a basic answering service and general referral resource. When an individual contacts MyWorkplace for assistance with healthcare concerns or questions, they are working with a true advocate that will gather the right information, speak to the right people, and provide the right answers. We take the responsibility of the endless minutes on hold with insurance companies, the confusing and complicated deciphering of plan documents, and the often--frustrating discussions with providers, off of the employees shoulders and onto our own.

When members contact MyWorkplace they can be confident their questions will be answered and their concerns will be managed, minimizing or avoiding claims spending and ensuring appeals are submitted properly.

Research demonstrates that it takes an employee approximately 4 - 6 hours during the workday to resolve a health insurance issue – time that ultimately affecting affects your bottom line. With an average call time of approximately 15 minutes and a first call resolution rate of 80%, our Health Advocates quickly and efficiently assist employees and minimize productivity loss.



Many companies are paying to cover ineligible employees and dependents, while lacking the time or resources to verify or audit them.

Dependent eligibility verification can cause stress among employees who may think you don’t trust them, leading to disengagement and a ripple effect of consequences. Despite all of that, you know how important dependent eligibility verification is — and how important it is to get it right. You know your company’s bottom line depends on it.

Our Myworkplace platform has the technology and process built in to manage the notification process to employees, age out reporting, documentation upload, approval reporting and processing, and procurement process for letters to be mailed to homes.



COBRA administration is an integral part of managing any benefits package containing COBRA eligible benefits. Not properly complying with COBRA regulations and procedures can result in substantial fines and penalties. MyWorkplace has built an integrated COBRA solution into its framework to assist system users with maintaining COBRA compliance.

We teamed with our COBRA administration partner to link our systems in a manner that allows COBRA data to flow between them routinely throughout each business day. Event data for initial notices, triggered COBRA events (i.e. terminations, aging out dependents, etc.), and COBRA enrollees are shared and updated between our systems every two hours. This process greatly improves efficiency of COBRA processes and the timeliness of required notices. Our system also shares the latest paid through and payment received dates as well as initial notifications and offer letters.

We’ve taken the necessary steps to automate COBRA processing in order to assist our clients with maintaining their COBRA compliance responsibilities. Our COBRA solution is an integral part of our bundled solution and available to all COBRA size groups.



MyWorkplace provides employees a 24/7 accessable benefit information, enrollment, and management portal. The portal is rules driven and offers employers the ability to configure the system to meet various benefit management requirements including open enrollment periods, qualifying life event (QLE) verification and corresponding mid-year changes, new hire, rehire, and employment class change event enrollment windows, etc.

Systems capabilities include:

  • Annual open enrollment management and employee engagement
  • Mobile App Enabled
  • QLE requests, documentation upload, communication, and mid-year benefit change elections.
  • Dependent verification
  • Admin event enrollment window for new hires, rehires, and eligibility class changes.
  • Beneficiary Management
  • HSA contribution management and change requests
  • Unlimited benefits related documentation and resources posting. Documents and resources can be filtered by employee classes so that employees only have access to the items that pertain to them
  • Unlimited compliance and company level documentation posting. As with benefit resources, compliance and company resources can be limited to specified employee classes
  • Multi-media resources support
  • Confirmation statements produced and emailed to employees upon each completed enrollment session. Confirmation statements kept on file and accessible by benefits administrator in the admin portal
  • Employees may review current benefits and pending benefit changes
  • Employees may review benefits held pending Evidence of Insurability (EOI) requirements
  • Multi-plan year enrollment capable for enrollment windows that cross plan years, i.e. employees can enroll in current plan year and subsequent plan year benefit options when available in a benefit category

MyWorkplace also offers a call center/benefit counsel interface that allows enrollment firms and call center personnel to access the same interface employees are using to assist employees with system usage, benefit questions, and their benefits enrollment.



MyWorkplace’s Health Advocacy Services streamlines employee benefit education, navigation and enrollment. Employees are guided through the entire enrollment process within one phone call, from the initial contact to MyWorkplace’s Benefit Information Line, to benefit education and selection assistance.

Utilizing MyWorkplace’s innovative administrative software, Health Advocates will provide benefit education and enrollment support. All calls are answered live via a dedicated toll-free number, offering access to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hearing a prerecorded disclaimer, all callers are immediately connected with a highly qualified Health Advocate that will answer their questions, provide them with the resources they are seeking, and guide them through benefit selection. Health Advocatess will soft transfer individuals to carriers or advocate on their behalf to ensure all employees receive timely, thorough support.

With average speed-to-answer and abandonment rates well below industry average, along with a first call resolution rate of over 80 percent, MyWorkplace’s skilled team, guided by streamlined processes, will maintain and elevate your reputation for exemplary service delivery.

MyWorkplace’s processes guide every aspect of our service delivery. This focus on process across all programs, services and decision-making throughout the company represents our trust in the value and success of integration. Through the integration of internal teams and external services, MyWorkplace provides the most agile and relevant solutions to meet your needs.

MyWorkplace’s strict data management and access policies ensure the proper storage of employee information within the administrative platform. Permission-based access guards data from unnecessary views and offers limited access to an as needed basis. Due to MyWorkplace’s dedication to remaining SOC 2 compliant, all data sharing must be deemed necessary and appropriate and must be accessed directly through MyWorkplace’s system or via an encrypted file to ensure full confidentiality.

All data is efficiently entered, securely housed, seamlessly organized and easily located within MyWorkplace’s proprietary administrative platform. This single location for all data and information allows Health Advocates to immediately provide the most accurate and up-to-date information to each and every caller. Health Advocates only have to access one single source for all employee data. The Special Administrative Notes feature goes beyond basic information storage to ensure Health Advocatess receive notification of important dates and information of an employee’s file.